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The Power of Words

The words you wear influence what people see on the outside, but also impact how you feel on the inside. Fashion leads culture, culture creates change. Through fashion, let's create change through words of empowerment and encouragement.

About The Power of Words

The Power of Words is a movement, vehicle of fashion and art, anchored in its mission to erase the stigma around mental well-being. The name, the words, designs, campaigns, events are all intentional: To emphasize and encourage people to express themselves, speak out and reach out, in an un-intimidating, un-invasive way. Proceeds from all product goes to organizations we collaborate with.

About The Power of Words


Our mission is to build a company that addresses mental well-being, impacts people in a positive way, initiates conversations and generates funds for mental health organizations. Our message is diverse. It speaks to every race, gender, age, and economic status. It is both impactful and enduring. We will build, sustain, and grow communities in which awareness and early intervention is the way forward to mental wellbeing. 20% proceeds of all sales from The Power of Words go towards a leading mental health organization.


About The Power of Words


The vision of renowned luxury designer, Deborah Sawaf & THALĒ BLANC, along with a group of brilliant, like-minded individuals, The Power of Words was born out of the commitment to bring awareness to mental health, as well as to drive tangible resources to the organizations that champion this cause at the local & international level, through the fashion. 

About The Power of Words

A movement, driven of fashion, anchored in its mission to erase the stigma around mental well-being.

PROCEEDS from all sales go towards a leading Mental Health Organization.

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