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A purpose driven movement in Sport, Fashion, and Art whose mission is to destigmatize mental health by providing people with the tools they need to express their emotions and connect with the communities around them.

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THE PROBLEM: In 2023, a pressing mental healh issue persists, with 55% of adults and 60% of depressed youth lacking treatment. The reluctance to express negative emotions contributes to emotional suppression, anxiety, and loneliness, resulting in severe consequences. The human mind goes through 2400 daily emotions, many struggle to manage them, leading to distractions, focus issues, self-absorption, and a lack of awareness of others' emotions.

THE KEY: The program's direct impact involves expressing emotions through 7 wearable bands fostering self-expression and building connections. This creates a strong sense of community and empowerment, addressing feelings of loneliness and isolation with positive outcomes.

eq band bond therapy

Band that Bond: The program is simple, impactful, and universal. It is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and what you wish to accomplish or express. Begin each day with focus and intention.

One day at a time.

A movement, driven of fashion, anchored in its mission to erase the stigma around mental well-being.

PROCEEDS from all sales go towards a leading Mental Health Organization.

Please join us in making this POSSIBILITY A REALITY

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